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Charlotte's web

저자: E B White; Garth Williams
출판사: New York : Harper & Brothers, Publishers, [1952] ©1952
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 소설 : 청소년 청중 : 영어 : First edition모든 판과 형식 보기
When he discovers that he is destined to be someone's dinner, Wilbur the pig is desolate until his spider friend Charlotte decides to help him.
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장르/형태: Children's stories
Animal fiction
Juvenile works
Fantasy fiction
Juvenile literature
Juvenile fiction
추가적인 물리적 형식: Online version:
White, E. B. (Elwyn Brooks), 1899-1985.
Charlotte's web.
New York, Harper [1952]
명시된 사람: Wilbur, (Fictitious character from White); Charlotte, (Fictitious character from White)
자료 유형: 소설, 청소년 청중
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: E B White; Garth Williams
ISBN: 9780060263850 0060263857 9780060263867 0060263865 9780060527792 006052779X 9780060845940 0060845945 9780061120268 006112026X 9780061124952 0061124958 9780061215032 0061215031 9780062658753 0062658751 9780064400558 0064400557 9780064410939 0064410935 9780140301854 0140301852 9780140354492 0140354492 9780140364491 0140364498 9780141316048 0141316047 9780141317342 0141317345 9780141321516 0141321512 9780141368832 0141368837 9780241900987 0241900980 9780333294888 0333294882 9780590302715 059030271X 9781451726206 1451726201
OCLC 번호: 225924
메모: Illustrated title page and endpapers.
공연자 Pictures by Garth Williams.
상: Newbery Honor Book, 1953
설명: 184 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
내용: Before breakfast --
Wilbur --
Escape --
Loneliness --
Charlotte --
Summer days --
Bad news --
A talk at home --
Wilbur's boast --
An explosion --
The miracle --
A meeting --
Good progress --
Dr. Dorian --
The crickets --
Off to the fair --
Uncle --
The cool of the evening --
The egg sac --
The hour of triumph --
Last day --
A warm wind.
책임: by E.B. White ; pictures by Garth Williams.


The pig, Wilbur, runt of his litter, is saved from immediate slaughter by Fern, the farmer's daughter. But Wilbur soon learns that he will be killed in the end, for bacon. A grey spider named  더 읽기…
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Charlotte's web is a classic

by LilyHung (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2014-07-02) 매우만족 퍼머링크

Charlotte's web is a classic for many reasons. This story of true friendship is a tale that will last for generations.

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Pig loving story

by loverslane25 (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2014-03-12) 아주좋음 퍼머링크

I think that this book was great.  It teaches you that no matter what u look like, how u talk or walk, that people shouldn't treat u differently.  There is no way someone should treat another person differently because of how the look.  To me this book teaches u many solutions(in a...
더 읽기…  더 읽기…

  • 이 리뷰가 당신에게 도움이 되었습니까?

Childhood must reads

by avigold (WorldCat 사용자가 게시함 2012-01-02) 매우만족 퍼머링크

This book should be on every child's bookshelf.  I have read this book dozens of times and still it's hard for me to finish it without shedding a tear.  It is so beautifully written and conveys universal messages of friendship, love, and loss with a good amount of humor thrown in too.  If...
더 읽기…  더 읽기…

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