A Companion to ethics (도서, 1991) [Union University]
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A Companion to ethics

저자: Peter Singer
출판사: Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, Mass., USA : Blackwell Reference, 1991.
시리즈: Blackwell companions to philosophy.
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 영어모든 판과 형식 보기

Consisting of 47 long entries, this volume surveys the whole field of ethics from the origins of the subject, through the great ethical traditions to theories of how we ought to live, arguments about  더 읽기…

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장르/형태: Reference sources
자료 유형: 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 도서, 인터넷 자원
모든 저자 / 참여자: Peter Singer
ISBN: 0631162119 9780631162117 0631187855 9780631187851
OCLC 번호: 22762715
설명: xxii, 565 pages ; 26 cm.
내용: Introduction / Peter Singer --
The origin of ethics / Mary Midgley --
Ethics in small-scale societies / George Silberbauer --
Ancient ethics / Gerald A. Larue --
Indian ethics / Purusottama Bilimoria --
Buddhist ethics / Padmasiri De Silva --
Classical Chinese ethics / Chad Hansen --
Jewish ethics / Menachem Kellner --
Christian ethics / Ronald Preston --
Islamic ethics / Azim Nanji --
Ethics in ancient Greece / Christopher Rowe --
Medieval and Renaissance ethics / John Haldane --
Modern moral philosophy / J.B. Schneewind --
Natural law / Stephen Buckle --
Kantian ethics / Onora O'Neill --
The social contract tradition / Will Kymlicka --
Egoism / Kurt Baier --
Contemporary deontology / Nancy (Ann) Davis --
An ethic of prima facie duties / Jonathan Dancy --
Consequentialism / Philip Pettit --
Utility and the good / Robert E. Goodin --
Virtue theory / Greg Pence. Rights / Brenda Almond --
World poverty / Nigel Dower --
Environmental ethics / Robert Elliot --
Euthanasia / Helga Kuhse --
Abortion / Mary Anne Warren --
Sex / Raymond A. Belliotti --
Personal relationships / Hugh Lafollette --
Equality, discrimination and preferential treatment / Bernard R. Boxill --
Animals / Lori Gruen --
Business ethics / Robert C. Solomon --
Crime and punishment / C.L. Ten --
Politics and the problem of dirty hands / C.A.J. Coady --
War and peace / Jeff McMahan --
Realism / Michael Smith --
Intuitionism / Jonathan Dancy --
Naturalism / Charles R. Pigden --
Subjectivism / James Rachels --
Relativism / David Wong --
Universal prescriptivism / R.M. Hare --
Morality and psychological development / Laurence Thomas --
Method and moral theory / Dale Jamieson --
The idea of a female ethic / Jean Grimshaw --
The significance of evolution / Michael Ruse --
Marx against morality / Allen Wood --
How could ethics depend on religion? / Jonathan Berg --
The implications of determinism / Robert Young --
Afterword / Peter Singer.
일련 제목: Blackwell companions to philosophy.
다른 제목 A Companion to ethics /
책임: edited by Peter Singer.
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"A Companion to Ethics will provide an invaluable stimulus for anyone interested in ethics ---- which is to say it will benefit anyone interested in the central questions of human life." David 더 읽기…

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