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著者: Stephenie Meyer; Little, Brown and Company,
出版商: New York : Little, Brown, 2007.
版本/格式:   打印图书 : 小说 : 中学(高中) : 英语 : 1st ed查看所有的版本和格式
Bella must choose between her friendship with Jacob, a werewolf, and her relationship with Edward, a vampire, but when Seattle is ravaged by a mysterious string of killings, the three of them need to decide whether their personal lives are more important than the well-being of an entire city.
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类型/形式: Young adult fiction
Fantasy fiction
Werewolf fiction
Vampire fiction
Young adult works
Paranormal fiction
Horror fiction
Detective and mystery fiction
Juvenile works
Mystery fiction
Juvenile fiction
材料类型: 小说, 中学(高中), 互联网资源
文档类型 图书, 互联网资源
所有的著者/提供者: Stephenie Meyer; Little, Brown and Company,
ISBN: 9780316160209 0316160202 9781428764491 1428764496 9780316027656 0316027650 9780316032551 0316032557 9781904233893 1904233899 9781904233909 1904233902 9781904233916 1904233910 9781905654369 1905654367 9780316087360 031608736X 9780316036290 0316036293 0316087386 9780316087384
OCLC号码: 124031725
注释: Prequel: New moon.
Sequel: Breaking dawn.
针对的用户 Young Adult.; 670
描述: 629 pages ; 22 cm
内容: Ultimatum --
Evasion --
Motives --
Nature --
Imprint --
Switzerland --
Unhappy ending --
Temper --
Target --
Scent --
Legends --
Time --
Newborn --
Declaration --
Wager --
Epoch --
Alliance --
Instruction --
Selfish --
Compromise --
Trails --
Fire and ice --
Monster --
Snap decision --
Mirror --
Ethics --
Needs --
Epilogue : Choice.
责任: Stephenie Meyer.


The third book in the New York Times bestselling vampire romance series that has developed a cult following among teens  再读一些...
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'The sexiest vampire tale for years arrived in Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT, about teenage Bella's chaste romance with a beautiful vampire boy. Their intensely erotic feelings are endangered by more 再读一些...


WorldCat用户评论 (8)

awsome book

评论者是 girl* (公布的WorldCat用户 2010-09-22) 优秀 Permalink

i just loved this book so much! i never really was into reading before reading any of the twilight books. eclipse is by far my favorite i read this book so fast. i was really sad after i finished it thought because it was such a great book.

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The best of the series.

评论者是 PYEsinc (公布的WorldCat用户 2011-09-15) 很好 Permalink

This was the best Twilight book.  Hands down.  It was intense, thrilling, and epic.  Four and a half stars.

  • 1 ,最高是 1 有人觉得这个评论很有用。你觉得如何? 

Eclipse 5 Stars

评论者是 c1c1b3an (公布的WorldCat用户 2010-10-23) 优秀 Permalink

ECLIPSE  is a book that i would strongly recommend for readers who are seeking a romantic thrill-ride. If you've seen the movie, you must read the book. ECLIPSE has more for Team Jacob and even more for Team Edward. Bella must choose between them and her choice...
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Simply breath-taking,must read.

评论者是 sanaya (公布的WorldCat用户 2010-05-25) 优秀 Permalink
AWESOME'S not the word.It was totally fantastical.Bella had to choose between her ooh-so-gud-lukin-boyfriend and her child-hood friend Jacob.This set her in minds.WHAT would she do?According to me she must continue with Edward.I would surely have done that if I were in her place.Big deal if Jacob saved...
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  • 2 ,最高是 3 有人觉得这个评论很有用。你觉得如何? 

Hard to Choose

评论者是 rosehorse11 (公布的WorldCat用户 2009-05-29) 很好 Permalink

I think the Twilight series are great,but to chose between Jacob and Edward would be hard for me.First of all Jacob saved Bella's life,but Edward did too.Second,before Edward came back Bella was starting to fall in love with Jacob,even though she still loved...
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