Simply Java : an introduction to Java programming (전자도서, 2006) [Union University]
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Simply Java : an introduction to Java programming

저자: James Richard Levenick
출판사: Hingham, Mass. : Charles River Media, ©2006.
시리즈: Charles River Media programming series.
판/형식:   전자도서 : 문서 : 영어 : 1st ed모든 판과 형식 보기

For novice programmers, finding an interesting, practical Java programming reference that doesn't overwhelm them with details and complexity is difficult. Simply Java: An Introduction to Java  더 읽기…

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장르/형태: Electronic books
추가적인 물리적 형식: Print version:
Levenick, James Richard, 1952-
Simply Java.
Hingham, Mass. : Charles River Media, ©2006
(DLC) 2005014814
자료 유형: 문서, 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 인터넷 자원, 컴퓨터 파일
모든 저자 / 참여자: James Richard Levenick
ISBN: 9781584506461 1584506466
OCLC 번호: 236383729
메모: Title from title screen.
Includes link to CD content.
Includes index.
설명: 1 online resource (xiii, 394 pages) : illustrations.
내용: ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""1 Programming Is Like Juggling""; ""Computing as a Fact of Life""; ""The Past: A Very Brief History of Computing""; ""Juggling""; ""Conclusion""; ""2 Programming the Simplest Java Programs""; ""Introduction""; ""Examples""; ""Details""; ""Using Parameters to Pass Information to a Method""; ""A Digression""; ""Running the Personalized Robot Greeter""; ""The Power of Inheritance""; ""The Least You Can Do""; ""Executing an Applet""; ""A Greetings Applet That Uses a Graphics Context""; ""Conclusion""; ""Compiler Error Messages""; ""Review Questions"" ""3 Class Design and Implementation""""Introduction""; ""Building and Testing the Prototype GUI""; ""A Generic Problem-Solving Technique""; ""Account Class: Design, Implementation, and Testing""; ""Creating and Testing the Finished GUI""; ""The Bank Class: Design, Implementation, and Testing""; ""Putting It All Togetherâ€?Finally!""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""4 Graphics and Inheritance""; ""Introduction""; ""The Graphics Class""; ""The Circle Classâ€?Design and Implementation""; ""Displaying a Circle Graphically""; ""The Color Class"" ""The Eye Class: Design and Implementation""""Assembling a Working Eyes Program""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""5 Toward Consistent Classes""; ""Introduction""; ""Details Iâ€?Statements in Java: Syntax and Semantics""; ""The Basics of Classes""; ""Constructors""; ""Details IIâ€?Types, Operators, and Expressions""; ""Recapitulation""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""6 Software Reuse""; ""Introduction""; ""Inheritance""; ""Composition""; ""Composition Programming Example: Snowpeople""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""7 Conditional Statements""; ""Introduction"" ""Actions Depending on Conditionsâ€?Conditional Execution""""Programming Example: Using the SingleScoreConverter Class in a Tennis Scorekeeping Program""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""8 Iterative Statements and Strings""; ""Introduction""; ""Iteration: Repeated Action""; ""The while Loop""; ""The for Loop""; ""Strings: A Very Brief Introduction""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""9 Simulation and Animation""; ""Introduction""; ""An Introduction to Threads""; ""The Programming Task""; ""Recapitulation""; ""Conclusion""; ""10 Reading and Writing Files""; ""Introduction"" ""Isolating the I/O Using java.util. StringTokenizer""""The MyReader Class""; ""Putting It All Together""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""11 Data Structures""; ""Introduction""; ""Arrays""; ""Vector and Iterator""; ""A Simple Bank Database""; ""Molecules in Box""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""; ""12 Interfaces and Writing a List Class""; ""Introduction""; ""Interfaces""; ""Designing a List Class""; ""List Implementation Using an Array: MyArrayIntList""; ""Implementation Using a Vector: MyVectorIntList""; ""Testing""; ""JavaDoc""; ""Conclusion""; ""Review Questions""
일련 제목: Charles River Media programming series.
책임: James R. Levenick.
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Preface Chapter 1 Programming Is Like Juggling Chapter 2 Programming the Simplest Java Programs Chapter 3 Class Design and Implementation Chapter 4 Graphics and Inheritance Chapter 5 Toward 더 읽기…

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